What is cockfighting in the Philippines?

What is cockfighting in the Philippines?

In a bizarre incident in the Northern Samar region of the Philippines, a Filipino policeman was killed by a fighting cock while raiding an illegal cockfighting scene. It is said that on October 27, police officer Christian Borlock caught a fighting cock while collecting evidence at the scene. Unfortunately, the blade tied to its leg severed the femoral artery. In the end, the police officer died at the head of a chicken. hands. So, what is cockfighting in the Philippines? Does this involve strapping blades to their legs? This article will explain the national pastime of the Philippines - cockfighting!

Cockfighting in the Philippines?

As the name suggests, fighting cocks use galliformes to compete against each other during the mating season. You may have seen cockfighting scenes in ancient Chinese TV dramas, usually related to gambling. Spectators will bet on who will win the cockfight.

Rare in China, cockfighting is one of the most popular sports in the Philippines after basketball. Philippine national hero Rizal once said that Filipinos love cockfighting more than their own children.

In the Philippines, there is a classic question: "If the house is on fire, who should be saved first?" Filipino cockfight fans answer: "Save the rooster first."

Cockfighting in the Philippines is a brutal game

It was mentioned earlier that Filipinos love dicks, so you might think this is an animal protection game. In fact, this is a very brutal death game.

In competition, sharp blades are usually mounted on chicken legs. According to the setting of the game, sometimes it is a single blade, sometimes it is a double blade, and even poison is applied to the blade to increase the excitement of the game. As soon as the game starts, the owner will spread the wings of the gamecocks, the gamecocks will start fighting excitedly, and the audience will start betting on which chicken will win. The game ends only when one of the chickens is stabbed to death.