Truth About Live Poker Casino Cash Games in SW418 Casino

Truth About Live Poker Casino Cash Games in SW418 Casino

Live money game poker is a very surprising monster contrasted with playing on the web. Between the more slow speed, the expansion to actual tells, and the size of the games, live poker truly is one of a kind. As somebody who has been playing poker for very nearly 20 years, including north of 1,000,000 hands on the web, I needed to share a portion of the insights about live poker. Push play, or read While I could list many nuanced parts of live money games, these are the key six that each player ought to know about. We should get everything rolling.

Live Poker Is Super Slow

Compared to online, live poker is incredibly slow. While playing on the web you can hope to play between 60-75 hands/hour (contingent upon whether you play 6max or full ring), and that is per table. Meaning in the event that you multi-table, it's not unexpected for play many hands each hour.
Furthermore, on the off chance that you play a quick overlay variation, you are commonly playing 200-250 hands/hour, per table.
SW418 Live cash game poker tables typically see 20-30 hands/hour. And of course, there are no multi-tabling options available.

Dealing With Boring Cash Games

Given the lack of volume, online players especially may find live cash games to be quite boring. And boredom for poker players tends to translate into costly mistakes.

The biggest hint I can give to players in boring cash games is to spend the extra “free time” paying a lot of attention to your opponents. Really pay attention to things like:

How many hands per orbit are they playing?
Are they c-betting flops often?
Do they seem to approach heads up vs multi-way pots differently?
Doing this keeps your brain sharp and helps you build up your profile on each player quicker.

The alternative is simply playing more hands preflop to try and quell the boredom, but I would refer you to the next truth…

Play Tighter In Live Cash Games

Truly, 95% of players would passage better if they could just play less hands preflop.

I know, no one drives to the card space to overlay a great deal - yet being too free preflop is the ideal recipe for being down a portion of an up front investment toward the finish of a meeting and not exactly knowing where on earth your cash went.

Consider it along these lines. Assuming you were playing a 8-9 gave game on the web, your VPIP may be around 17%. Duplicate that by the quantity of hands you see each hour in a live game, and that equivalents playing 3-5 hands/hour.

Also, that is without examining the stack profundities, which can be very shallow in live games. Furthermore, without examining how free different players are, which can be crazy.

So you're not really "running super card dead" since you haven't had a playable hand in a short time. You might just be playing accurately.

Which Hands Should You Play?

In SW418 Live cash games, play the strongest of hands from early position and be very dynamic from middle and late position. There are some tables where you can be correctly loose from MP and LP, but many where even large raises will get multiple callers.

If you’re looking for the best preflop poker ranges, I would highly suggest downloading The GTO Poker Ranges App. All of the open-raising ranges are free, including GTO and exploitative ones, and the entire range set is quite affordable.

a few basic ranges to memorize:

From UTG, open-raise with 77+/ATs+/KJs+/QJs/AKo
Against most players, just 3-bet with QQ+/AK
Against most players, keep 4-bets to KK+
While these ranges are incredibly face-up and way too tight, especially by online standards, they take advantage of the average opponent in a normal $1/$2 live cash game.

If you want to see how things pan out for me playing much wider ranges than this, be sure to check out my entire $1/$2 poker VLOG series.

But as a basic starting point, use the Full Ring > Exploitative ranges and ignore the yellow ranges if you are newer to poker. The basic red ranges are safe and designed to keep you protected and value-focused. After all, if your opponents are playing too loose, why do you need to bother throwing K7s and 64s into the mix too?


Want even more information and discussion of preflop ranges? Check out this podcast episode from Red Chip Poker named The SW418 Login Preflop Toolbox from this season.

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