Filipinos like to watch SW418LIVE cockfighting

Filipinos like to watch SW418LIVE cockfighting

In the Philippines, you only need to pay 30 pesos (VIP tickets are about 150 pesos, about 19 yuan) to easily enter the cockfighting arena. When entering the venue, a mark is usually made on the hand (similar to the practice of nightclubs). Because it was introduced that after the cockfight starts, it is enough to directly tell which chicken to bet on. Most of the people watching SW418LIVE cockfighting in the Philippines are men. Everyone usually drinks beer and eats snacks, watching the cockfight happily. Sometimes, while enjoying the cockfighting competition while eating the favorite fried chicken of the Filipino people, this scene is also very wonderful.

Is cockfighting in the Philippines legal?

Although cockfighting is considered a gambling activity, the Philippine government has not banned cockfighting. In the Philippines, cockfighting has a history of 800 years and is the most common entertainment for ordinary people. Due to the color of gambling in the country, the Philippine government has legislated that only one cockfight is allowed in each town, and it can only be opened on weekends and holidays. Every town has a cockfighting arena in a very professional purpose-built gymnasium.
However, due to the current epidemic situation, cockfighting as a crowd gathering activity has been temporarily suspended, but Filipinos who like cockfighting still commit crimes against the wind and organize illegal cockfighting competitions

Place of pilgrimage

Every three years, the Philippines hosts the World Slasher Cup derbies, known as the "Olympics of Cockfighting", at the stadium in Quezon City. This is a place of pilgrimage for the world's top cockfighting enthusiasts
This kind of game stimulation is also cruel, and it can stimulate everyone's nerves with the least amount of money. But do you know what happened to these fighting cocks? These carefully raised fighting cocks, which are regarded as treasures by the Filipinos, become delicacy on the table after being defeated and dead in the arena. The chickens raised by myself must be eaten by myself