Enjoy the All Time Favorite Karaoke Revolution - Country Now

Enjoy the All Time Favorite Karaoke Revolution - Country Now

Karaoke Revolution – Country is Here! If youre a fan of all things country music, your wait is now over as CMT and Karaoke Revolution team up for the ultimate country performance. Karaoke Revolution – Country is a thrilling experience where you pick your songs from all time favorite country classics and performances. Join in for a great performance and exciting game night with friends and family. Karaoke Revolution – Country brings you all your favorite country songs from legendary singers such a Patsy Cline, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and more. Let us take you on a journey of all your favorite country songs with sing along words, live action performance and crowd reactions. Not only that, you can choose from a variety of characters, locations and costumes to dress up your avatar and perform like a true country star.

Enjoy Show Stopping Performances with Karaoke Revolution

Nothing beats the excitement of performing to a crowd of family and friends with your own favorite country songs. With Karaoke Revolution – Country, you can enjoy the ultimate show stopping performance. With full renditions of all your favorite songs, you can perform the likes of “The Gambler”, or “Friends in Low Places” for country music fans everywhere.

Karaoke Revolution – Country also allows you to create your own character, stage and song selection. Choose from a variety of costumes, locations, themes and characters to dress up your avatar and create your own unique performance. Enjoy the crowd reactions, duets and more with all your favorite country songs.

Track Your Performance with Karaoke Revolution Leaderboard

Karaoke Revolution – Country is loaded with features that measure your performance and allow you to compare your scores with friends and family. With the leaderboard, you can compete against friends and other gamers online and be the star of the show. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the game, you can always keep track of your performance and stay on top of the leaderboard.

Karaoke Revolution – Country also offers a wide range of game modes and challenges such as Customize Party and Quick Play. Now you can perform in your own tailor-made party mode where you can customize your own playlist with all your favorite country songs. You can also choose from 4 difficulty levels, perfect for those just starting out and the experts looking for a challenge.

Discover More with the Power of CMT

Karaoke Revolution – Country has everything you need for the ultimate game night with family and friends. With the power of CMT and Karaoke Revolution, you can enjoy all your favorite country songs from the comfort of your own living room.

So dust off your cowboy hats and enjoy the exclusive karaoke experience with legenidary songs from all your favorite singers. Get your boots and Cowboy hats ready as CMT and Karaoke Revolution – Country join forces to bring you the ultimate country karaoke party you have been waiting for.

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