Baccarat's lost card search technique

Baccarat's lost card search technique

John May, a British professional gambler, is famous in the gambling industry in just three years. His name is famous for his "unprepared ban" in his 90 % of the casinos in the UK. He must go abroad to find the "attack" casino. He often won a match with skilled gamblers (such as twenty -one, such as twenty -one points, Bakalat, sports betting and poker). Even some more difficult games, such as gambling, won a lot of money. At the age of 24, he was hired by a professional gambling group and consulted many casinos in the United States. Sometimes, some casino tycoons that have lost a lot of money will hire people to ambush him to ensure safety. At present, he mainly works through teaching gambling skills, writing and consulting.

John May

John May's amazing behavior was not described by himself, but another book "Frank Scoplete" in another book "Frank Scoptete)" Frank Scoptete ". Described in this book. Arrive. His peers can praise him to show his extraordinary status. In this book, Frank Scopelete also interviewed John May to explore his gaming technology in Baccarat.

Gambling world

John May first entered the gambling world because he found a gambling book in the library to teach him how to calculate the card. He learned to use it and succeed, thus laid the foundation for his career development. Therefore, card counting is also the basic game technology of John May. This article actually mentioned that SO is called Baccarat card count. The basic principle is to allocate different scores to different cards. Each time you trading a card, the scoring process should be performed to determine whether it is more likely to win or lose. This is a bit like a 21 -point card counting method, which is also a common technology for professional gamblers. John may pay special attention to 4 and 9 cards. If there are more 4 cards left, it will be beneficial to bankers. If there are more 9 cards left, it will be good for players.

In addition to card counting, more advanced technology is "seeking cards". When dealers are reorganized and what cards, SO is called "seeking cards". Pay attention to the positions of important cards, such as 4 and 9. These technologies must be carried out at home. Knowing that there will be 9 bets that will increase the purchase of players. If there are 4, you will increase the betting of the banker.