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Filipinos like to watch SW418LIVE cockfighting

In the Philippines, you only need to pay 30 pesos (VIP tickets are about 150 pesos, about 19 yuan) to easily enter the cockfighting arena. When entering the..

2023-02-28 08:40:01 | Sabong Cockfight

What is cockfighting in the Philippines?

In a bizarre incident in the Northern Samar region of the Philippines, a Filipino policeman was killed by a fighting cock while raiding an illegal cockfighting..

2023-02-28 08:30:25 | Sabong Cockfight

Q&A List regarding cockkfight or sabong in philippine

Cockfighting, or sabong, is a popular blood sport in the Philippines with a long history dating back to the Spanish colonial era. The sport involves two..

2023-02-27 02:22:41 | Sabong Cockfight

The Majestic Cockfight - SW418 Live

For centuries, the sport of cockfighting has been a favorite pastime of rural communities across the world. It is a sport that pits two roosters against each..

2023-02-27 02:15:31 | Sabong Cockfight

A Cockfight Gone Wrong - SW418

The air was thick with tension. A crowd had gathered around the ring of stakes, waiting for the cockfight to begin. In one corner stood a proud rooster owned..

2023-02-27 01:57:17 | Sabong Cockfight